Our Story

I’m Jen Pepper, the designer and maker here at the Chatty Press. I’ve been drawing and making things as long as I can remember. I was voted ‘Most Artistic’ my senior year of high school, friends referred to me as ‘crafty’ or ‘artsy fartsy’ and I wore those names as badges of honor! I pursued my artistic passions in college, and graduated with my BA in Graphic Design. 

I’ve worked with design firms and small businesses crafting brand identities, catalog and printed promotions, but my heart wasn’t satisfied. 

With a little push from my then fiancé, I launched The Chatty Press in 2011 on Etsy with just five address stamp designs. I wasn’t sure if anyone would notice, or care for that matter, but they did and they still do! 

When I’m not picking colors, or sketching a new design, you can probably find me in the park with my dog, curled up on the couch with my husband rematching our favorite shows* or exploring New England in search of new adventures (and donuts).

I look forward to expanding the chatty press to bring even more fun ways to add a bit of fun to every mailbox! 

Designer, Owner, Lover of Paper Goods!

P.S. Write Back Soon!

*we are currently rematching the office, oh that jim and pam! Can’t get enough!